Citrix XenMobile licensing

Technical deep dive into Citrix XenMobile licensing

Recently I was asked by a customer what will happen to their XenMobile Device Manager Servers if the Citrix License Server will be unavailable. Especially if there is any impact for users which would be a huge problem. So I checked the eDocs from Citrix where I found the following statement regarding grace periods:

“The grace period is set by Citrix. It is typically 30 days but can vary depending upon the product. The Windows Event Log, and other in-product messages, indicate if the product has entered the grace period, the number of hours remaining in the grace period. If the grace period runs out, the product stops accepting connections. After communication is re-established between the product and the License Server, the grace period is reset.”

To be honest this is not a really satisfying answer. Particularly the “depending upon the product” gave us headaches. So I tested it in my lab environment and got to the following results. As soon as you connect your Device Manager v9 (haven´t had the chance to test v10 yet) to your Citrix License Server the Device Manager will somehow import the license. And from here on you are completely independent from the License Server. At least as far as i can tell. You can shutdown the License Server for the lifetime of your license if you want too. Only if your license is near of its lifetime you will get the typically Nag screen. But until then you don´t have to worry about this.

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