Citrix XenMobile WorxMail Sandbox Google Chrome App

Citrix XenMobile WorxMail as Google Chrome App

While reading about running a Android App as a Chrome App, I thought about running WorxMail and/or WorxWeb as Chrome App. This could be very handy, especially on Chrome Books.

So I played a bit around with ARChon. I was able to start WorxHome as a Google Chrome App and I was also able to sign on and access the App Store. But I was not able to install any WorxApps through WorxHome running as a Google Chrome App. My assumption is that this is a limitation (security feature) of the sandbox. Bumper 🙁

Therefore, we will not be able to connect WorxMail through a MicroVPN Connection with our Mail Server. But what if we want to use WorxMail as a normal Mail Client? Is this possible? Yes!

Citrix XenMobile WorxMail as Google Chrome App

Citrix XenMobile WorxMail as Google Chrome App

I could now explain in the long run how you have to modify manifest files, create folders and move files. But I found a really nice Google Chrome App which does exactly this for you 😉

ARC Welder. I suggest that you install ARCHon before and just create a .zip file with ARC Welder. Next, extract the .zip File and load the Application by using Google Chrome’s „Load unpackaced Extensions“ menu. This way you can import and start more than one app.

I suppose this is nothing more than a nice shenanigan based on the sandbox limitations but at least we spent some time doing interesting things :).

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My name is Jens Trendelkamp. I currently work as an IT Consultant at sepago GmbH. My fields of specialty are Application Delivery, SBC\VDI Solutions and Enterprise Mobility based on Products from Microsoft and Citrix.

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