SSL Offloading / Content Switching with Citrix NetScaler and PRTG Network Monitor

SSL Offloading / Content Switching with Citrix NetScaler and PRTG Network Monitor

A quick one. I tried to publish the PRTG Webinterface through a NetScaler using SSL Offload and Content Switching. While testing my setup with a Webbrowser it all seemed to worked fine. But as I tried the iOS Application from Paessler I run into the following problem.

Content Switching


Since there are two Knowledge Base articles from Paessler available how to use an IIS or Apache as a Reverse Proxy (Link 1 Link 2) and I could access the Webinterface with my Browser I was pretty sure I made a mistake somewhere.

So I connected my iPad to XCode and checked the Console Logfile while setting up My Account.

Content Switching

XCode Error Log

Content Switching

Content Switching Policy

The App is trying to access This got me thinking. I checked my NetScaler Content Switching policy.
The policy says that the hostname needs to be the same as I configured, And since the PRTG App adds the port at the end of the hostname there is no matching policy anymore. As soon as I changed the expression to HTTP.REQ.HOSTNAME.CONTAINS(“”) the App worked fine 🙂

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My name is Jens Trendelkamp. I currently work as an IT Consultant at sepago GmbH. My fields of specialty are Application Delivery, SBC\VDI Solutions and Enterprise Mobility based on Products from Microsoft and Citrix.

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